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The Scrappers are a rock'n'roll quartet from Detroit, sweetening their ragged-but-right roots with echoes of pedal steel from Laurel Canyon and harmonies that stick like the brotherly honey of the Everlys or the Burritos. Hooks that beg, borrow and steal.


“Rock and roll with sweet harmonies and a touch of rootsy Americana for some Flying Burrito Brothers' vibes” – Melody Baetens, The Detroit News

“Seasoned, savvy veterans of the local rock scene… blending a bit of The Byrds and Neil Young’s 60’s swagger with the inventive melodic scales of the later, more psychedelic Beatles.” – Jeff Milo, 101.9 WDET

“Given that three of the members were in the Sights, is this Sights II? The Scrappers' sound is a lot more than that and a lot harder to pin down.” – Doug Coombe, Metro Times

“[Pete Ballard’s] acrobatic solo on the Faces-inspired stomp "Wonder Where I Even Start" is the hottest guitar solo on a Detroit record this year hands down” – Doug Coombe, Metro Times


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